Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Graduation Day

There were days when Vance and I swore that our little girl would never learn to use the potty. Even when she started peeing successfully the issue of #2 was still a great concern for us. But then one day - she just GOT it. No more holding #2, now she goes almost as much as she pees. She tells us when she has to go - she's an official big girl.

Even with all of her success, I've been holding off on officially saying she's "potty trained." I felt like if I said it she would then pee all over her carseat - or worse. But yesterday, while I was making a phone call in the office, she apparantly had to go really bad. She went in my closet and found her potty (I had cleaned my bathroom the night before and moved everything on the floor in my bathroom to the closet). She pulled it out, peed in it and then came and found me. Success! I was so proud of her.

So, yesterday we had a graduation ceremony for our little girl. She was proudly walked down the hall to meet her dad who was singing a lovely graduation tune. I crowned her, handed her a scepter and gave her a graduation certificate. We also gave her a little gift - which she loved and exclaimed "what the heck is this"? I suppose that's a whole other issue we now have to deal with!

Anyway, it was a really exciting moment. A moment, that at times, I had lost hope would ever come. But it did - just like most things in life. If you work hard and are patient, you will see the harvest!

P.S. Please excuse the bad photography with the pictures - horrible lighting in the house yesterday. But, I think they still manage convey the wonderful moment Vance and I were so happy to share with our little girl!

Emma being "interviewed" by her daddy before she was "crowned"!

We were so proud of our little girl we decided to give her enough candy to rot out her little teeth!

Insert caption "what the heck is this?!" above her head here!

Pretty much no graduation connection with this photo, but how could I resist posting a good "baba" picture. One of the few reminders still around that she's not all grown up just yet!


Amy-frtnr May 1, 2009 at 12:49 AM  

You give me hope for my son... still waiting for the #2. Love the graduation idea!